Friday, January 21, 2011


SO for the past two years Matt and I have been on a adventure. We have been trying to move on the next step to expanding are family. It has not been the easiest thing in the world. You see it all began as wanting just to see if it would be easy and we were to keep it private just between us not to tell everyone that we were trying. Well then at the same time which we did not know this all are other married friends were trying the same thing. Well months later or maybe a year later all of are friends are pregnant or already have babies by then and we still haven't or even found out why we haven't. So we try the drugs and all the tests and all they tell us is that everything is fine and to keep trying and praying. SO for the past year now we have taken the drugs and prayed for God to help us expand our family tree and still no answer. You might read this and wonder why she doesn't keep this to herself anymore. Well I think it is because I want to know if there is anybody else out there who feels this way? I have taken friends advice and told God I know he will give me my desires in his time and also have prayed for him to close the door if it is not meant to be but still to me anyways no answer. So I try to talk to friends but in some way I think they don't know what to say and I love them dearly for that. I have started this blog I think for everyone else out there who also might have some of these problems and might know what to say it would be nice to hear.

Thanks , Doni

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  1. Girl...I feel your pain. You know you are not alone. Its the lie of the devil!!! Remember moo...she's a miracle baby! Mollie faith "now faith is being sure of what we hope for & do not see!" Heb 11:1...and I have/was/still been there. Cling to the lord. As we know god gives us trials to see his glory & have a tender heart for others. Like with me people fail us & we see the ones who do not understand & frankly their the ones who don't understand what it means to take on others burdens. You will have a heart of gold more than you already do when god is done with you! Exciting times!!!